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Eustachian tube


Eustachian tube

The only communication between the middle ear and the outer ear is through the Eustachian tube.

  • outer ear
  • middle ear
  • inner ear


Behind the eardrum we find the middle ear, lined by a mucosa, with natural fluid production (mucus) like any intact mucosa and with its functions maintained.


The tube allows the normalization of pressure and drainage of fluid from the ear to the nose.


In children, the tube is not fully developed, being shorter, more horizontal and narrower, which facilitates the accumulation of fluids, which will be responsible for reducing the mobility of the eardrum.


Thus, the lack of maturity in the Eustachian tube is responsible and recognized as one of the important causes of the high prevalence of serous otitis in children.


When there is a malfunction of the Eustachian tube and in situations such as a normal cold, serous otitis develops.


With growth, the tube will normalize its function, although other situations with the existence of allergies (allergic rhinitis), acute otitis media and colds can deteriorate the normal functioning of the tube.